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Expert Technical Services

“Help with things engineering, scientific, or just plain practical”
Common sense and rational thought are the most important product

Welcome to the Expert Technical Services (ETS) consulting page.  ETS is the "one man show" consulting activity of Gary W. Johnson (“GW”), a registered professional engineer, among many other things.   GW does engineering consulting now and then, but most of his ETS consulting activities go far outside that field.

For the text of the ETS "company resume" click here:   Expert Technical Services' Resume

Some of the ETS past project history illustrates that point about variety:

    For more about aero consulting, click here:   Aero Consulting

    For more about automotive care information, click here:   Automotive Info

    For more about the ethanol vehicles project, click here:   Ethanol

    For more about cactus eradication, click here:   Cactus Control

    For more about educational items offered, click here:   Educational Services

To return directly to GW's Page, click here:  GW's Page