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Car Care Basics Course  

This is the Short Course Page on Car Care.  Your choices are as follows:

  1. Download the available content and teach yourself for free.

  2. Contact GW for paid instruction on-site, or in a scheduled class.


Underhood Checks

Oil; coolant; brake; power steering; transmission;windshield washer; belts; hoses; battery

Check/adjust pressures; flats; how to buy
Other Consumables
Engine Oils

Grades of fuel; engine oils; coolants; fluids & oils for transmissions; power steering; brake oil; others
Logbook How-To

Mileage records; maintenance & repair records; tax advantages
Driveway Fixit

Oil & filter change; coolant change; spark plugs; spark plug wiring; air filters; headlight adjusting; brake pads; lubricating linkages; wiper blades; when to seek help



None but your car's Owner's Manual and any maintenance schedules

New Drivers, and other persons who know nothing except to "fill it up"

Estimated at 10 - 15 hours of “hands-on” instruction, assuming small class sizes or individual instruction, and a clean garage or shop floor to work in; assuming that the students bring their own vehicles; also assuming that all content items listed above are taught (pro-rated down by-item for scope reductions)

Classes at GW's shop, or on-site within 50 miles of McGregor

Weekends / Selected after-hours only

About $60 (as of date) per instructor hour (multiple students cut per-student cost dramatically!), plus $1.00 per one-way mile, per trip and if applicable.  Discounts available for educational or religious institutions.

G.W. Johnson "Car Care Course"
5886 New Windsor Pkwy.
McGregor, TX  76657
Email GW directly