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GW's Resume Page  

Welcome to GW's Resume page for resume data on Gary W. Johnson

For those interested in credentials and applicable experience, this is GW’s resume page-and-more.  He has a general "industrial" resume that would satisfy most needs.   This can be printed front-to-back as a single sheet, but bear in mind that an experienced guy has difficulty fitting accurate descriptions into a one-page, one-side format.

For GW’s one-sheet industrial resume, click here:   GW's Short Resume

For a graph of GW’s work experience history, click here:   GW's Work History

Folks in academia generally like a longer format with more details.  This is the curriculum vitae or CV.  This document, plus a list of graduate courses, meet the needs of most schools, colleges, and universities.
    For GW’s CV, click here:  GW's Curriculum Vitae
    For GW’s list of graduate courses, click here:   GW's Course List

GW usually does his consulting work under the name Expert Technical Services.  He has done a variety of things under this name.  Some have been for clients, others for himself.  There are many things he feels comfortable doing, as the resume suggests.  Jobs have ranged from aircraft propeller performance estimates to educational items to the manufacture of a unique cactus-killing farm implement (the Kactus Kicker).  The following links are for those interested in pursuing what he does as a consultant.
    For the company resume of Expert Technical Services, click here:  Expert Technical Services' Resume
    For information about the “Kactus Kicker” and cactus eradication in general, click here:  Cactus Control
    For information about aeronautical and aerospace consulting, click here:   Expert Technical Services
    For information about automotive consulting and projects, click here:   Expert Technical Services
    For information about educational items, click here:   Expert Technical Services

To return directly to GW's Page, click here:  GW's Page